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The Soap Fairies Among Us

I absolutely love making soap!

You don’t always know how the next batch will look. Soap reacts in such a way that sometimes the color you think you will end up with is not at all what the soap wanted to become.

Sometimes you aim for purple and end up with pink…or worse,
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My addiction and how it all began…


I started this journey to addiction around the middle of 2007 and my Husband is to blame.

Don’t get me wrong, my Dear Hubby works hard every day and is a very loving Husband and Father. For the most part, he is also a healthy person.

However, on that particular day he had come in contact with something that had caused an allergic reaction. He began to itch and scratch as a rash broke out across his feet and legs. Within days it had quickly began to move up to his arms as well. He was beginning to drive me crazy with the itchies and it was only going to get worse!
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